E-Lavida listing video

E-Lavida is the first pure electric car launched by SAIC Volkswagen. The customer wants to convey the high-quality worry-free electric mobility and the best solution for urban electric mobility to customers through the film.

Case video

Case information

  • Project customer:SAIC Volkswagen
  • Application scenario:listing conference and online communication
  • Presentation mode:CG
  • Deliverables:Conference Video

Project background and challenges

  • E-Lavida is the first pure electric car launched by SAIC Volkswagen. Customers want to convey high-quality worry-free electric mobility and urban electric mobility optimal solutions to customers through videos. The battery safety of electric cars has always been the primary concern of consumers, and E-Lavida's positioning is to create high-security pure electric cars. Therefore, the film that the customer commissioned us hopes to show the stability and safety of the battery in the environment of fire, low temperature, salt spray and collision in three dimensions.

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